Hey! I'm Brenda 

You deserve to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that makes 

you happy and empowers you to live your best life.

I'm here to help you get there. 

let's make happy + healthy happen

I get it. 

Making the time to eat fresh and healthy meals is anything but simple. 

The planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning that goes into it is pretty overwhelming. 

It makes you want to just order a pizza and call it a night. 

After all, who has the time and energy to prepare a healthy and elaborate breakfast, lunch or dinner every single day?

I know I don't.

Yes, I just said I don't. In fact, I don't want to. 

Just like you, I got stuff to do. I want to be at my best, but I don't have the time to be preparing fresh meals all the freakin' time. 

It may be a little counter-intuitive to hear a girl who runs a healthy eating blog say that, but hear me out: 

I LOVE eating right, taking care of myself, and getting strong & healthy - but I don't love being a slave to the kitchen (or the gym for that matter). 

That's exactly why I learned how to eat healthy and still have the time to do what I want and need.

I learned healthy eating tricks, cooking hacks, prepping hacks, and wellness habits that help me be healthy without the overwhelm. 

 That's exactly what I want to help you achieve.

I created Crave The Benefits to help you make happy + healthy happen even if you think you can't (hint: you can).

If you...

  • ​Feel overwhelmed by the shopping, cooking and prepping that healthy eating is *supposed* to take... 
  • Don't have the energy at the end of the day to cook a healthy dinner...
  • Feel like your cravings get the best of you and you can't stay "on track" with eating healthy...
  • Want to eat healthy but you feel you don't have the time or energy to do it...
  • Have rushed mornings and can't make time for breakfast (but wish you could)...
  • Don't know how to meal prep...
  • Don't know what to cook to start eating healthier....

Then you're in the right place, my friend. 

I created Crave The Benefits to help you beat those roadblocks and more so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle that makes you happy.

Say goodbye to the days you had to choose between making a healthy breakfast or getting 20 more minutes of sleep. 

You can have both! 

Ps. Eating kale is not required. Eating chocolate is totally acceptable. Having a lifestyle you love is non-negotiable. 

What does Crave The Benefits

Crave the Benefits means looking at food from a perspective of nourishment and empowerment, instead of the traditional perspective of "good" or "bad". 

Everything you eat has the potential to help you thrive, feel amazing, and keep you healthy - or to do the exact opposite.

Crave the Benefits is all about making healthy eating delish & overwhelm-free, while nourishing your body with wholesome foods that make you feel your absolute best so you can live the life you desire.

What you can find here...

CTB is a healthy mix between delish plant-based recipes & uber helpful advice and hacks that make healthy eating simpler. You will find:

  • ​The motivation to take care of yourself and treat your body with love.
  • The tools & guides you need to simplify healthy eating.
  • How to prepare healing and nourishing recipes that are quick & absolutely delish! 
  • Insanely useful tips and tricks to eat well effortlessly.

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Who's Brenda?

And what does she know about healthy eating?

Hi! I'm the smoothie lover, nutritional science nerd, and writer behind Crave The Benefits. I created CTB to help you kick obstacles in the butt and make happy + healthy happen. 

I went from not taking caring of myself and having painful digestive problems for years to wellness advocate and veggie lover after I was able to heal my digestive problems with nourishing foods. 

I like smoothie bowls, meditating, Twenty One Pilots, naps, and the color teal (as you may be able to tell).

You can read more about me, my favorite healthy eating hacks, wellness goals, and wellness routines over here: 

    Make happy + healthy happen today   

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