Taking care of yourself should be simple, affordable, and fun.

The Nourishing Breakfast Challenge is for anyone who wants to create healthier habits, have better mornings, and enjoy yummier breakfasts. STAT.

  • If you want to eat a healthy breakfast but don't have the time for it. . .
  • If your mornings feel stressful and hectic...
  • If your breakfast is the bagel or donut from the shop down the street . ..

Then this challenge is for you.


​Transform your morning, your day, and how you feel... one recipe a day. When you join the challenge you'll get...​

  • 7 breakfast recipes with 6 ingredients or less you can make in minutes (or overnight!)
  • 1 new fun & yummy recipe each day that will make you look forward to breakfast.
  • Long-lasting energy so you can start (and finish) your day empowered.
  • The well-deserved time to take care of yourself with nourishing food.


​Breakfast doesn't have to be boring.

In the FREE challenge you'll get one new easy, fun, and yummy breakfast each day
that you can make even on the busiest mornings.

​All these goodies will be yours when you join:

Are you ready to ENJOY delish breakfasts?

​Do you want to create healthier habits, have better mornings, start your day feeling great, and feel nourished & happy?

Yes? Cool.

You can start right here by signing up to the challenge! Let's make this happen together :)

Got Any Questions?
Here's all you need to know about the challenge!

Can I really make the breakfasts in 15 minutes?

Are the recipes filling?

Are the breakfasts sweet or savory?

Are the recipes vegan friendly?

Are the recipes gluten-free?

How many people does each recipe serve?

Are the ingredients affordable?

I'm allergic to nuts! Will the challenge still work for me?

 Ready To Eat Healthier And Have Fun While You Do It? 

If you have been thinking about eating healthier... Now is the time to do it!

Starting each day with a healthy breakfast will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Your body will be nourished and energized, and you'll feel accomplished and motivated before the day even begins.

With the yummy recipes in the challenge you'll be able to eat healthier & feel better while cooking less and having fun!

Who made the challenge? 

Hey I'm Brenda! I'm the smoothie lover, nutritional science nerd, and writer behind Crave The Benefits.

I created Crave The Benefits to help you make happy + healthy happen even if you think you can't (hint: you can).

CTB is about one thing: Making healthy eating delish & overwhelm-free, while nourishing your body with wholesome foods that make you feel your absolute best. We're kicking obstacles in the butt to make happy + healthy happen.

I made the Nourishing Breakfast Challenge to help you get started in your health journey with effortless, delicious, and healing foods that will make you feel amazing. I'd LOVE to have you in the challenge :)